Rapide Vitres teintées

 The professional of tinted window in Greater Montreal

Rapide Vitres teintées

The professional of the tinted glass in the Greater Montreal

Vitre Teintée
Vitre teinté



With twenty-two years of experience, Rapide Vitres Teintées is the specialist in automotive tinted window in and around Montreal. We are committed to providing you with a high quality, tinted window installation (installation of protective solar films), with professionalism and affordable prices. We provide high performance DUB IR films. In addition, our work and our products are lifetime guaranteed!

Vitre teintées
Tinted glass
Tinted window
Vitres Teintées


Rapide Vitres teintées: Montreal, Laval, South Shore – Lifetime warranty.

We carry out several types of shade: from the darkest to the lightest for any type of vehicle. Our expertise is used by both professionals and individuals. We do offer a top-notch service at the cutting edge of technology and in compliance with the standards of the industry.

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Tinted glass
Tinted glass
Tinted glass


Best place to get your car tinted

Eric B.

Fast, awesome and personalized service!

Annie D.

Good customer service and a good result!

Jonathan F.

No better place to tint windows

Sebastien G.

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