We carry out several types of shade: from the darkest to the lightest for any type of vehicle. Our expertise is used by for both professionals and individuals. We do offer a top-notch service at the cutting edge of technology and in compliance with the standards of the industry. Our services include car window tinting, headlight/taillight tinting, wrap and paint protection. We also sell car windshields.

Variety of window films

Wide range of shades – Various levels of transparency – Dark and light tinting

All types of vehicules

Automotive tinting for any type of vehicle from any brand and any year

Wide range of clientele

Automotive: Individual & Dealers
House/Building: Residential & Commercial

Lifetime warranty

Lifetime warranty against defects in materials or workmanship

25 Years

More than two decades of experience in car window and light tinting



3 performance levels: Regular – High performance – NR Nano Ceramic IR


Our prices include products (solar films / films), labor (installation of tinted windows) as well as the lifetime warranty (all windows).

$200 +

Regular automotive film

$250 +

High Performance automotive film

$350 +

NR Nano Ceramic IR automotive film

Products we use

We offer the ultimate best HIGH PERFORMANCE car window film available on the market. NR Nano Ceramic IR films are designed to be state-of-the-art, well adapted to the harsh Canadian climate and are guaranteed for life.

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